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over 4 years ago



- Do I have to be an Engineer to join ?

 Though we need more hands on developers to complete the project on time, we need other skills too. This Event is purely driven by volunteers. Any help is greatly appreciated.

- How can I ensure I get added to the common DL when I register?

We are constantly checking our channels to add people on to the common DL. However in case , if you get missed, please email us @ We will add you to the group or if you are a PayPal Employee, then you will be able to add from DL Manager as well.

- Can we get to know the NPOs ahead of time?

Yes. We are screening NPOs right now. We will update Devpost with the shortlisted NPOs.

- Are there any specific themes / selection criteria in NPO selection?

Yes. Basic criteria would be to look into the impact caused by the solution to targeted audience. We look at many other criteria around innovation, platform, scalability to name few. 

- Can we form a team ahead and register as a team instead of individually?

Absolutely. Our recommanded team size would be between 3 - 5. 

- Is there a way to look at previous hack submissions ?

Yes. Every year has been a challange and we have got better from our learnings. Our community has expanded in support of the good cause. We have made new friends for life time. Here are our previous hack submissions.