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over 4 years ago

Mentor for the Opportunity Hack!

Looking for ways to make an impact on the industry and the community you belong to?  Ready to learn more about yourself and expand your own horizons?  Here’s an opportunity for you to accomplish the above aspirations:  Mentor for the Opportunity Hack! SignUp 

As a mentor, you will lead teams working on interesting problems for local nonprofits with national and international impact.

  1. Serve as an advisor, coach, role model and confidante for hack participants.
  2. Discuss implementation design and provide a strategy to achieve the milestone
  3. Share your knowledge, expertise and experience
  4. Guide participants with onsite and technical resources such as libraries, frameworks, technologies.
  5. Humanize yourself. Example: Make yourself more relatable by sharing some mistakes you regretted making professionally or something you wish you did differently
  6. Provide balanced feedback; identify the core strengths of your team, motivate them.
  7. Foster community among team members
  8. Become a liaison between participants and the hack organizers.

As a mentor, you’d surely benefit by learning a new perspective and in return, starting a legacy of helpers, improving their and your confidence while realizing the influence of the community impact your team(s) can make.